What will be HTML 5 Player Configuration Changes if we encoded the Asset(Video) with AesEncryptionDrm

We want to know that what will be the HTML 5 Player configuration if we successfully encoded the asset with AesEncryptionDrm. Do you have any sample code or documentation Link which we can refer

In case or AES or Sample AES encryption, the key or key files should be referenced in the manifest, and there the player should be able to decrypt the content without any additional configuration.

Please note that sample AES is essentially only supported on Safari / iOS platforms, while AES-128 is more broadly supported


Hi ludovic,

If Key or Key files referenced from manifest file and extra configuration is not needed at player side, then any person who have the manifest file can watch the Video. Manifest Files can be leaked. How to handle all these scenarios?

This is correct.
AES 128, SAMPLE AES and clear key offer an intermediate level of protection. Only DRMs (widevine, playready and fairplay) offer a better level of protection since the key is returned by the licensing server and it is hard to decrypt the content outside of the intended playback scenarios - especially if the license has a short duration.

Hi ludovic,
Thanks for your prompt response.
I am curious to know what the basic difference is between AES 128 Key, Clear Key, and Mpeg-Cenc (Common Encryption). One more question is: is there any cost involved in using DRM from Bitmovin’s perspective?

Here is an article that explains the difference between the two

There is no additional cost involved

Hi ludovic,

Thanks for your prompt response. It helps me a lot.
As per your documents, it looks like with the AES 128 key and CENC Clear key, there is no involvement of DRM. It’s a communication between the Bitmovin Encoding Service and the player.
Please correct me if I understood it wrong.

I have one more question: we have around 7,000 assets encoded through Azure Media Service. How do I migrate all these assets to the Bitmovin ecosystem by using the Bitmovin API?

There is no communication between the player and the encoder. With AES 128 key and CENC Clear key, the player has to retrieve the key either from the manifest, or you need to provide it through the player config. Clear Key and AES-128 are industry-standard encryption formats that are supported not only by our systems, but essentially by most actors within the streaming world. You can therefore use our player to decrypt these formats even if they have not been encoded by our encoder, and you can also encode this kind of content and play it with any system that supports them.

If your assets are ready to play and hosted on the cloud, you can already use our player out of the box with them. If your assets are plain MP4/MOV files for instance, you could use our API to encode them into DASH/HLS.

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