How to configure encoding with ClearKey "DRM"?


I’m trying to implement a simple DRM-like mechanism using MPEG-CENC ClearKey. For this purpose, using Postman I recreated the HTTP requests to match the ones used in the example:
Github SDK Example

The only difference is that in the “CreateDrmConfig” step I do not pass the configuration to Widevine and FairPlay, only key and kid and output config.

All sent requests are successful, but the encoding itself fails. I’m only getting error messages “HLS manifest creation failed” and “Encoding has failed.” What’s interesting it looks like DASH manifests is created succesfully however the HLS manifest that I am more interested in is not.

Here’s the exported collection from Postman where you can see which request I sent and what theri body was: Postman Collection

Could anyone please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Also I could really use any tips on how to configure codecs to work similiar to those generated by Simple Encoding Job.

Hi Rafal,
Can you please retry the same encoding job after specifying an arbitrary Playready LA_URL in the CENC configuration (although I know it is not needed for playback)?
There might be an issue where our HLS manifest Generator checks for Playready LA_URLs and causes the manifest to fail if it is not present.

Please let us know how it goes

Hi, sorry for my late response.

In my case, I rely only on simple ClearKey security. I don’t use any commercial DRM like Playready. How do I provide Playready LA_URL if I do not have a license for Playready or any other DRM?