Is there a way to play Azure encoded clear key asset in Bitmovin Player?

Hi there,

We are looking for a solution that can help us play the dash URL in Bitmovin player. The encoded assets are static mp4 files and not fragmented. Attaching the URL and Content Key

URL: //,encryption=cbc)

Content Clear Key: 776bae07-e014-4d5c-9d86-893590830a2f

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Good day @manish.kanwaria . Thank you for your question.

A couple of pointers

  1. Encryption Mode
    Checking your stream I notice that it is CBC encrypted. For DASH playback I would suggest using the cenc encryption instead.

  2. Mp4 NOT fragmented
    Bitmovin Player can playback a progressive MP4. i.e still a SINGLE MP4 file but internally fragmented instead. This allows for faster playbacks. here’s a Guide to achieve that using Bitmovin Encoding

Hope that helps.

Hi @seven.

Thank you for taking time to go through the above queries.

We already have tones of assets which are encoded by AMS, do we really need to re-encode them via Bitmovin?. Is there not an easy way by which we can actually playback all the existing asset with same level of AES security?