Video player do infinite loop trying to download the init.mp4

Hi, I am evaluating to use bitmovin player but I am struggled trying to configure a video encoding with AES 128. I am creating a muxing like this:

var videoMuxing = new Fmp4Muxing
   Streams = [new() { StreamId = videoStream.Id }],
   SegmentLength = segmentLength

videoMuxing = await bitmovinApi.Encoding.Encodings.Muxings.Fmp4.CreateAsync(encodingId, videoMuxing);

byte[] iv = new byte[16]; // 16-byte initialization vector
new Random().NextBytes(iv); // randomize the IV

var key = GenerateHexadecimalString(32);

var aesDrm = await bitmovinApi.Encoding.Encodings.Muxings.Fmp4.Drm.Aes.CreateAsync(encodingId, videoMuxing.Id, new AesEncryptionDrm
   Key = key,
   Iv = BitConverter.ToString(iv).Replace("-", string.Empty),
   Method = AesEncryptionMethod.AES_128,
   Outputs = [videoEncodingOutput],
   KeyFileUri = $"encryption-{alias}.key"

but when I set the HLS manifest in the player I get an infinite loop trying to download the init.mp4 file. The request does not fail though.
Have you ever seen this error before? as soon as I disable AES DRM, everything works fine.


Hi @andreinashr , could you please share your encoding ID and Manifest URL? We will attempt to reproduce the playback issue you described and inspect your encoding configuration.

Also, on what specific device/OS/browser/version(s) are you testing and observing the loop during playback?

It happens to me as well, Im on Windows, google chrome. Isnt any extra config needed for the player?

my manifest is hosted in azure with a sas token policy, but since i add the sas through the following code, it isnt related. Besides, if i remove the aes bit it plays fine

    preprocessHttpRequest: function (type, request) {
      if (request.url.includes("")) {
        request.url += sas;