Stream not playing

Hi Team i am unable to play this stream in bitmovin. where as it is wroking fine in other players.

**I am getting continuous loading. **
Check in bitmovin test player:


Thanks for reaching out to our community.

I quickly tested the HLS stream URL on our demo page, and interestingly, it worked fine without any issues. I couldn’t replicate the continuous loading issue you mentioned. I tested it using the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Here’s the complete test link including your manifest.

Could you please recheck the URL on your end to see if the issue persists? I’ve only tested this on Chrome, Firefox and Safari, so if you’re using a different browser or device, please let us know. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks @kazuhide for your reply Can you please check this updated URL.
Bitmovin's Test Player » Try our HTML 5 Video Player Demo.


Thank you for sharing the new link. Indeed, I can reproduce the continuous loading issue.

I also checked the logs, and it seems our player might have failed to parse the audio .aac segment in the HLS manifest. The previous manifest you shared originally uses a TS container for both video and audio, and that’s the main difference between the cases of success and failure. I’ll discuss the .aac parsing issue with our engineering team.

In the meantime, would it be an option for you to use either a TS, MP4, or Fragmented MP4 container for AAC, instead of using the raw .aac bitstream? If using a container is ok, I think it should play normally.

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Thanks you @kazuhide.
FYI: I observed that the video is playing fine in Firefox browser. Initially i have faced this issue in firefox but after page refresh it started playing. now it is not replicating in firefox.

Apologies, but I’m having trouble understanding these lines. Could you please provide more details or clarify?

** In the meantime, would it be an option for you to use either a TS, MP4, or Fragmented MP4 container for AAC, instead of using the raw .aac bitstream? If using a container is ok, I think it should play normally.**


Sure, your stream (URL) currently uses the .aac file for audio segment. When you download the audio media playlist (link) and then open the file with a text editor, you can see the .aac file references as follows. The file’s handling logic can be the main reason of this continuous loading issue.


According to Apple’s HLS authoring guide, the .aac extension’s is a valid audio and it’s categorized as Packed Audio. Please refer the “10. Delivery requirements” section in this documentation for more details.

As you can see in the section 10’s table, audio can be packaged into either TS or Fragmented MP4 in addition to Packed Audio.

Media type Format Recommended MIME type Typical file extension
: : : :
Audio MPEG transport stream video/mp2t ts
Audio Fragmented MP4 audio/mp4 mp4
Audio Packed Audio audio/aac aac

My suggestion was if you can use the TS or Fragmented MP4 container instead of the Packed audio, you can play the stream as a workaround, until we clarify the Packed Audio issue.

I understand your stream was generate by Shaka Packagerm. Shaka Packager has several options for output format and it’s possible to generate a TS or Framented MP4 output by adjusting the Shaka Packager’s option.

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Thanks a lot for the explanation @kazuhide.

Unfortunately, we do not have access to these streams as they are owned by our content partner. We simply host their content on our website. Any modifications made to these streams will impact other content partners as well.

Could your team please prioritize addressing this issue? It’s affecting our Go Live schedule. Could we get an estimate of when we can expect a resolution? Additionally, could you suggest how we should proceed with escalating this issue if needed? Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @madhuy1729

I understand. I’ve already reported this to our engineering and product teams and will inform you once it’s prioritized and fixed. I’ll also update you if we find any workaround on the player side.

For prioritization, I suggest opening a support ticket through your Bitmovin account’s Dashboard - Get in Touch/Support section. This will allow us to better understand your business impact and launch schedule, helping us to align with your priorities. Thank you for your patience.

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