How to play videos WITHOUT the Bitmovin Player? (VideoJS)

I already have my entire website set up to use a custom implementation of VideoJS due to some specific requirements on my site, and since my existing player works just fine I’d prefer to not have to switch everything over to use the Bitmovin player.

My existing videos are Azure Media Services encoded and give me 4 different streams to be able to play the videos on all platforms, and I pass these along as #source# elements inside of a video#. I just supply a content type like application/x-mpegURL and then a URL to MYFILE.ism/manifest(format=m3u8-aapl-v3), then repeat that for application/, application/dash+xml, and video/mp4, using the URLs they provide. However when I go into the Bitmovin dashboard and look at my streams, I just see a single m3u8 file, and I’m able to get that to play. [note: I can play the streams with the Bitmovin player]

I suspect that there is some kind of authentication issue, because I’m not supplying the ‘key’ as I do when using the Bitmovin player, and the debug console spits out a bunch of 404 errors pointing to my stream URL with /video_0.m3u8 afterwards.

Is it possible to play these files using the standard HTML 5 video player, and if so, can you direct me to some information on how to do that?

If it isn’t possible to do this, I may follow up with some questions about getting some specific features working in the Bitmovin player (removing the black gradients on top & bottom of the video, and disabling seeking forward without it reloading the stream)

Hi Bill,

Thanks for posting. 404 errors typically indicate “not found”, this is, that the stream playback URL you’re passing to the player is pointing to the wrong location, where the actual playlists/segments cannot be found… For your reference, I’m pasting below a working example that loads an HLS sample .m3u8 stream via VideoJS player with our Analytics collector attached. You should be able to simply replace the sample .m3u8 URL with any other and, if the URL is correct and has no authentication issues (which would fire 401 or 403 errors), you should get playback as expected…

<!doctype html>
    <link href="" rel="stylesheet" />
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  <video id="my-video"
    controls preload="none"
    <source src="" type="application/x-mpegURL" />

  <script src=""></script>
  <script type="text/javascript">
    var analyticsConfig = {
    key: "analytics key"
    var player = videojs('my-video');
    new, player);