Play a video from Azure Blob Storage with SAS-token

Dear Community

Is there a way to play an encoded video from a private Azure blob storage in the Bitmovin HTML player?

When I create a shared access signature for the mdp or m3u8 file, it fails. I think it’s because the files referenced in these container files don’t have the SAS token. Could I create a SAS token for the parent folder and somehow set this information in the player configuration?

If this is not possible: What workflow could I use if I want to give access to videos only to certain users in my web application (e.g. they can see their own uploaded videos)? Using DRM seems too complex and expensive for this scenario.


Hi Christof,

This is possible but may have limitations for some SDKs, we’d probably recommend protecting your content using Signed Cookies via a CDN for the widest support. However on the subject of SAS tokens, for the HTML5 web SDK, you simply need to add a preprocessHttpRequest to the player configuration:

const playerConfig = {
key: 'xxxxxxxxxx',
network: {
preprocessHttpRequest: function (type, request) {
request.url += '?' + SAS;



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