Cannot see streams in my azure storage account


I created an output that points to my azure storage account. After encoding a video I don’t see any blobs created in the container, but the encoding process finished successfully and I am able to play the video. I am not sure if encoding outputs were put in my storage account and I cannot see them.

What is the access level my container should have?
Should I create the container or will bitmovin create it during the encoding process?


Jorge Ibarra

Hi Jorge,

I know we’re already connected and resolved this issue but I wanted to answer your question here in case it’s helpful for others as well.

In looking at your account, I am only seeing Bitmovin Streams jobs so far and no VOD Encoding jobs triggered via the Bitmovin API (or UI). I do see you created a valid output but it will need to be specified for a new VOD Encoding job either in the UI or via API.

Bitmovin Streams will always output to our own Azure Blob Storage and deliver via our Azure CDN instance so you cannot use your own storage with Bitmovin Streams directly but you can with Bitmovin VOD Encoding.

Hope this helps!


Hi @Igor I’m really new to Streams and I’m just about to start migrating away from AMS. Can I ask a couple of questions and forgive me if they are really simple /obvious :slight_smile:

I have approximately 200 short videos already encoded and stored on Azure. I am going to leave these in place, as according the documentation “Existing files can be kept in the same storage location and don’t need to be moved.”.

New videos are going to be encoded using Streams. I thought I would have to create an area in Azure to store the Bitmovin-encoded assets, is this assumption incorrect?



Hi Michael, sorry for my delayed response. The new assets would have to be uploaded to Bitmovin Streams and the outputs will be kept on Azure Blob Storage (delivered via Azure CDN). You will not see them in Azure Media Services as it’s getting deprecated end of this month.