Basic Guide For Using Azure Storage to Steam Assets Encoded with Bitmovin

Please forgive me if my terminology is incorrect. I’ve picked up a project and video encoding is not an area I know anything about.

Our video is currently encoded by AMS (DASH / HLS) and delivered via an endpoint from Azure.

Is there a step by step guide that describes how to use Azure to store and stream our existing assets?

This tool,
azure-media-migration/migrationTool/ at main · Azure/azure-media-migration · GitHub ,
mentioned in the Frequently asked questions about migrating from Azure Media Services to Bitmovin - Bitmovin Community

mentions using existing assets and making them “directly streamable”.

I hope this makes sense and any help is massively appreciated

Hi @mholland. Azure Media Services currently uses dynamic stream packaging (sometimes called just-in-time packaging), which means the video is encoded once, then whenever someone watches a video, the DASH/HLS packaging happens on the fly, via their streaming endpoints. When Azure Media Services shuts down their service, they will no longer support their streaming endpoints, so you’ll need to take some action to make sure you existing content is streamable. There are a couple of options:

(1) You can use the Azure Media Migration tool you mentioned to generate static DASH/HLS manifests for your existing content without needed to re-encode the files. You’ll need to update your player/CDN to use the new manifests instead of pointing to the current streaming endpoints, but these manifests will work indefinitely and you’ll be able to stream your existing content from Azure storage. This is what was meant by using the Azure tool to make them “directly streamable”. This will work for your existing content, but you’ll need a new solution for any new content.

(2) Bitmovin is releasing a migration tool this week that will allow you to migrate all of your existing AMS assets to Bitmovin Streams (with a few caveats). With this, you’ll be able to continue using the same streaming endpoints you’re currently using, with just-in-time packaging for an additional year beyond the AMS shutdown. This will give you time to re-encode and package existing content with Bitmovin Streams and is something we can help you with.