Is there a way to migrate from Azure Media Services without re-encoding?

I’m considering migrating from Azure Media Services to Bitmovin.
I have over 20,000 AMS assets and it would be difficult to migrate them all at the cost of re-encoding.
For example, does Bitmovin have a method like bulk asset migration for MK/IO?

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we’re working on AMS migration tool that will allow customers to continue serving their content from their existing azure storage accounts via our platform without having to re-encode. this is still under heavy development but we’ll announce it as soon as it’s ready.


This is good to know, is there a potential timeline for this? I know its still under heavy dev so it makes sense if not. This feature would be great.

Hello. Since 30 June is coming it vital to know deadlines for migration tool .

anyone? how is this progressing???

Hi everyone, the new migration tool will be available next week. It will allow you to use Bitmovin Streams to continue serving your existing AMS library from your Azure blob storage for an additional year, until June 30, 2025. I will update this thread when the tool is released.

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