Azure Media Services Migration Tool to transition from dynamic (just-in-time) to static packaging

With the upcoming retirement of Azure Media Services(AMS), Azure has created a migration tool to help their current customers transition their existing content from dynamic (just-in-time) to static packaging for HLS and DASH streaming. Their tool converts the videos to a directly streamable CMAF format with both a DASH and HLS manifest to support a wide range of devices.

For AMS customers transitioning their workflows to Bitmovin, we currently offer 3 paths forward:

  1. 1. Simple: CMAF Encoding and Static Packaging using Bitmovin Streams
    With Bitmovin Streams, we provide a simple end-to-end encoding and packaging solution that uses our award-winning Per-Title encoding to analyze and create the ideal adaptive bitrate ladder for each piece of content. This way we can ensure you’re getting the best visual quality together with the most efficient data usage, reducing your overall storage and CDN costs over the life of your content. We’ve also created our own migration tool that allows you to convert your existing content on Azure storage into Bitmovin Streams.

  2. 2. Advanced: CMAF Encoding and Static Packaging with encryption and DRM using Bitmovin VOD Encoding
    More advanced customers who want to fine tune their encoding, encryption and DRM settings can use Bitmovin VOD encoding. This allows for Per-Title or custom adaptive bitrate ladders, more advanced codecs (HEVC, VP9, and AV1), and multiple encryption and DRM options. HLS and DASH manifests are automatically generated based on the chosen settings and can be used within any player of your choice, including the Bitmovin Player.

  3. 3. Complex: CMAF Encoding with Dynamic Packaging using Bitmovin with an Integration Partner
    For customers and workflows that require dynamic (just-in-time) packaging and encryption, we have 2 recommended partners that can work with you to build out your workflow to your exact needs and specifications.

Keep in mind that you are not committed to using only one of these options as we've seen many customers with multiple use cases who value the simplicity of Bitmovin Streams for some workflows and the advanced customization options of Bitmovin VOD Encoding for others.

Why use CMAF Encoding? - CMAF allows you to use just one container for two streaming formats, HLS and DASH. This means less storage required on the CDN origin. Learn more at