Getting Different M3U8 URLs for Audio and Video Streams

We are using Bitmovin for video streaming platform on our flutter mobile application. We have been pleased with its performance; however, we are encountering a specific challenge.

Our video player is designed to consume only a single M3U8 URL, combining both audio and video streams. Currently, we are receiving separate M3U8 URLs for audio and video streams from Bitmovin.

We kindly request your assistance in understanding how we can efficiently get single M3U8 URLs for compatibility with our video player. Any guidance, documentation, or recommendations specific to this scenario and compatible with Flutter would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @rahul.kumar , welcome to Bitmovin community. Looking at your account, I can see that the VOD encodings provide HLS multivariant playlist(M3U8) URL which has information for both audio and video segments.

If you preview the VOD encoding in dashboard, you should also get both audio and video in preview player.

Can you please elaborate on the requirement of having a single M3U8 URL combining both audio and video? Are you asking for HLS + TS segments with audio and vide muxed into same TS segments?