Can Bitmovin be used for only audio?

I have a use case where I want an encoding service for music. Bitmovin has a lot of great features, but it seems mostly geared towards video. Does it make sense to use this service for audio-only as well?

I’ve attempted to upload .WAV files through the platform, but I get encoding errors saying that a video stream isn’t present. I’ve worked around this by adding in a black screen to the sound file using iMovie and exporting. This feels like a bit of an awkward process. Does anyone have any guidance here?

Hi @kevin.rizzo , thanks bringing this up in the community. To answer your question, yes, audio-only encoding is perfectly possible with our Encoder, but note that such use case is only available via our API SDKs and not via the Dashboard platform, as our systems default to video in that case…

You could use this example as a starting point, where you’ll just need to remove all references to video:

Here are some useful guides to get you started using the API SDKs:

All examples above are in Java for simplicity reasons, but note that we offer our SDKs in Python, PHP, Javascript, etc as well, so please feel free to choose the language that better suits your needs.

Finally, I’d like to highlight that, once the audio-only encoding is completed, you could also use our Player for audio-only playback of that content, as shown here: Creating player in audio mode