I’m using my video as a background on my website. How do I disable audio?

I’m using my video as a background on my website. I don’t need audio.

As far as I can tell, you have to include audio when creating a VOD. Not sure why this got moved from feature requests to support.

It should be possible by using input files that don’t contain any audio track as input. The audio track configuration should then be ignored by the Bitmovin encoder, when using the Dashboard to start encoding jobs.

Please let me know in case you have questions.

Is this possible with the API endpoints or is this only available whilst using the dashboard. Currently if we try to encode a video without audio, we get the following error: Setting up encoding configuration failed! No audio stream found in input file.

Is there an option to tell the encoder that the current file does not have audio?

@hassan yes, in case you use the API you could simply omit the audio streams and muxings.

This code example could be a good start, and you could simply omit lines 123 to 131 and it should generate a stream with no audio

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