Implementing downloads using manifest file

I am trying to implement a download feature, for videos I have encoded using the Encoding product.
The videos have been output to Bitmovin CDN.

The client is a Flutter app, where videos are to be downloaded.
We are able to use the manifest to enable streaming over HLS.

The manifest (.m3u8) is providing us with .m4s files.
What I need help with is, how do I take the .m4s chunks and convert them into a playable .mp4 file?

Hi Sachit,

Thanks for reaching out to community. I assume your target device platforms are Android and iOS. Bitmovin Android and iOS native player SDKs support download and offline playback feature which can be used to download the HLS assets and then playback same in offline mode.

As Bitmovin does not have official support for Flutter plugin, so we do not have samples of this feature with Flutter but you can find tutorials and sample apps for this feature using Bitmovin’s native player SDKs

Download tutorial
Download and offline playback sample app


Download and offline playback tutorial
Download and offline playback sample app

I hope above information helps you to use the offline feature with Flutter as well.

Thanks and Regards,
Lucky Goyal

Hi Lucky,

Thank you for your response.
This information will be useful in the long term, although it does help with our current requirement.

Thank you!