Has something broken with 192k AAC encoding?

Up until 4 June I was able to encode and mux 192k AAC audio for mp4 DASH ClearKey streams with no issue. Now the same SDK process fails. The segment_0.m4s segment is downloaded to the player but the segment_1.m4s can’t be retrieved.
If I instead encode with 128k AAC audio, the stream is fine - same as it was a couple of days ago.

Hi, Thank you for reaching out to us. Could you please share the working and non-working encoding IDs so we can investigate?

You can check our changes at any time in the release notes here: Encoder 2.150.0 - 2.199.0

Hi Kishore, thanks for this. Here are the two IDs:
192k - 01b8aa16-f6a8-4a57-ba01-c1e1fdc767ad
128k - ac9b7a09-3ffc-48fb-aeae-6cf76f0c84e2
and i think these were the ClearKey values:

@work I don’t see any issues with the encoding, and nothing has changed on our side. Could you please double-check if the files are available on your output S3 storage and see if you can download them directly using the URL?

Thanks Kishore - that was quick! I just tried playing them again and I still have the problem. The 128k plays fine. The 192k gives the error, “Video decoder or demuxer had an error with the content” (apologies, I had the encoding IDs reversed in the earlier post).
I’m on Mac Sonoma, tested in Firefox, Chrome, Safari. The Python script I used was the same for both encodings except for the stated bitrate:
audio_configurations = [ _create_aac_audio_configuration(bitrate=128000)]