How to play AES Encrypted streaming in bitmovin player

Hi Team,

I have successfully created my encrypted stream output with using below link -

I need help for AES Encryption stream to be play, I have found the example in below link, but those are for clearkey and other drm encryption. But I could not find any example with AES Encryption to play stream through bitmovin player.

With AES encryption, a key file should be referenced in the manifest, and it should work out of the box.

Please note that AES-128 is supported by most browsers, but Sample AES, only by Safari

Hi Ludo,

What I have understand from your comment is I don’t need to pass any sourceConfig.drm for aes key as we are passing for clearKey as shown in below example.
I got the file in my storage account and even i have the aes_key and aes_iv with me. But how to show in html page, below is the sample code which i am using for clearKey could you please help some sample code for html to view aes encryption stream

     const token = "sastoken";
     const playerConfig = {
         "key": '00000-0000-0000-0000-0000000000',
         "playback": {
             "muted": true,
             "autoplay": false
         "network": {
             preprocessHttpRequest: function ( type, request )
                 request.url += '?' + token;

     var container = document.getElementById( 'my-player' );
     var player = new bitmovin.player.Player( container, playerConfig );

     //<!-- STEP 4 - Configure and load a Source for the player -->
     var sourceConfig = {
         "title": "Default Demo Source Config",
         "description": "Select another example in \"Step 4 - Load a Source\" to test it here",
         "hls": "",
"dash": ""

     sourceConfig.drm = {
         clearkey: [ {
             key: clearkey,
             kid: clearkeyid
         } ]

     player.load( sourceConfig ).then( function ()
         console.log( 'Successfully loaded Source Config!' );
     } ).catch( function ( reason )
         console.log( 'Error while loading source:', reason );

if possible please reply asap.

The config you shared seems fine for clearkey, but not for AES encryption.
Do you mind filing a ticket and sharing your actual source URLs and keys (if needed) so I can take a closer look.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.