Where are the HLS, Progressive, DASH, and Smooth manifests for Bitmovin Encoding?

I encoded video in BITMOVIN dashboard and want to use them on BITMOVIN Player, i have trial account of bitmovin, i encode a tested video and now i want to test it on bitmovin player. Where i can find HLS , Progressive, DASH and smooth? I tried lot in preview and manifest area but the provided url’s not playing any video…

Please send me a guide how to encode video and embed encoded video in BITMOVIN Player.

Bitmovin doesn’t provide storage or CDN. The Dashboard uses a temporary storage which is not accessible outside of the Dashboard, and the files are only stored temporarily for testing purpose.

Our encoder however supports all the most common input / output protocols, so you can use one of your own storages, or an HTTP URL as input and instruct our encoder to write the encoded stream (manifests, audio and video segments) back to one of your storages

The most commonly used storages, which are also amongst the most performant with our cloud encoder are GCS and S3 buckets, and I would therefore recommend using either S3 or GCS as input and output. You can take a look at the following tutorial showing how to set them up.

Once your input and output storages are ready to use, you can set them up in Bitmovin either through the Dashboard or via the API

Please let us know in case you have any additional questions.
You may also be interested in checking out out Simple API Getting Started Guide (Bitmovin Docs - Encoding | Simple Encoding API - VoD)

Update: We now offer a CDN solution. In the manifests tab, you can get the URL and decide to copy the url and embed it into a player or directly view it in our stream test page.