What leads to Roku SDK error 1000?

Are there any known common cases that could trigger the Bitmovin Roku Player SDK 1000 error (-3 Roku Video Node error)?

Is there any way to dig deeper into what causes this problem? Could using ifSystemLog or something similar help?


-3 error is an unknown error so it’s really hard to guess what it could be.

However, there are some extra “error” fields on ROKU native player interface that could maybe help you find out more about the issue.

In ROKU native player docs you can check for fields: errorMsg, errorStr and errorInfo.
Hope some of them help pinpoint the actual issue.

NOTE: In order for you to check this field you’ll have to extract the native video player from bitmovin player.

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Bitmovin Player also collects all of the error fields from Roku and makes them available in the data property of the error event. This can contain more information about the error so might be a good place to check.