Roku sdk fails to load any other stream once an error occurs, ie: network error 1000

I am unable to load another content once I load a content that fails on Roku. It seems that once an error occurs, the player consistently errors out on any subsequent loads of content. I have tried to unload the content before attempting to load another one, but it made no difference.

I noticed the same issue was resolved on the ios implementation, and need the same thing implemented on the Roku sdk:

image (2)

sub onVideoError(event as object)
    playerError = event.getData()
    ?lt(;" ===onVideoError: playerError= ";playerError
    if (
        ' push out the error to messaging
        ?lt(;" ===onVideoError - sending command 'showGenericVideoErrorScreen' " = "close" = {cmd: "showGenericVideoErrorScreen", msg: "Video Error"}
    end if
end sub
sub onBitmovinSourceUnloaded(event as Object)
    if (m.tries < m.MAXTRIES)
        attemptTryOn4kPlaybackBySource(m.currPriority, false)
        m.currPriority = m.currPriority + 1
        if (m.currPriority <= m.maxPriority)
            m.tries = 0
            attemptTryOn4kPlaybackBySource(m.currPriority, false)
   = false
            attemptPlayback(m.videoInfo, false)
        end if
    end if
end sub
   m.bitmovinPlayer.callFunc("setup", m.playerConfig)
    m.bitmovinPlayer.visible = false

    m.BitmovinPlayerState = m.bitmovinPlayer.BitmovinPlayerState
    m.bitmovinPlayer.ObserveField(m.BitmovinFields.PLAYER_STATE, "onPlayerState") 
    m.bitmovinPlayer.ObserveField(m.BitmovinFields.ERROR, "onVideoError")
    m.bitmovinPlayer.ObserveField(m.BitmovinFields.SEEK, "onSeek")
    m.bitmovinPlayer.ObserveField(m.BitmovinFields.SEEKED, "onSeeked")
    m.bitmovinPlayer.ObserveField(m.BitmovinFields.TIME_CHANGED, "onPlayTimeChanged")
    m.bitmovinPlayer.ObserveField(m.BitmovinFields.AD_BREAK_STARTED, "onBitmovinAdBreakStarted")
    m.bitmovinPlayer.ObserveField(m.BitmovinFields.AD_BREAK_FINISHED, "onBitmovinAdBreakComplete")
    m.bitmovinPlayer.ObserveField(m.BitmovinFields.AD_SKIPPED, "onBackDuringAd")
    m.bitmovinPlayer.ObserveField(m.BitmovinFields.SOURCE_UNLOADED, "onBitmovinSourceUnloaded")

I realize there is a large amount of detail missing, however, at the root of the issue is the above code, where once an error occurs on attempting to play a stream (“network error: 1000”), loading of any other stream results in the same error.

When I attempt to load a stream that works on the first attempt, it plays.

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Note that I have validated that the “url” property is updated before loading the stream, so I am not trying to load the same stream over and over…