Where do I find error and warning codes documentation for Bitmovin player SDKs?

Understanding errors/warnings and take preventive and/or corrective steps is a very important part of developing an audio/video application. Applications using Bitmovin player SDKs can make use of extensive list of error and warning codes returned by player SDKs to show meaningful errors to user as well as take corrective actions in application.

Bitmovin’s player SDK’s API documentation is available as public resource. The documentation is available per SDK platform and is searchable using keywords. Like searching for error or warning keywords will lead you to the relevant pages for respective player SDK.

To help you find the same quickly, here is a list of API doc pages for error and warning codes for respective player SDKs.

Web Player SDK (Desktop & Mobile browsers / Samsung Tizen TV / LG WebOS TV / XBox / PS5)

Android/AndroidTV/FireTV Player SDK