The license is not valid [SETUP_LICENSE_ERROR]

How to fix this error? My license is valid and using correct syntax to reference license. I have a plan and a card on my account. Not sure what the issue is here.


Hi @oculusprime

Would it be possible for you to check that you have added the correct domain(s) for the license in the Bitmovin Dashboard (Player > License > Choose license > Domains / Package Names / Bundle Identifiers) Bitmovin Docs - Player FAQ - How can I allowlist a domain, IP, app ID, package name, or bundle identifier?

In addition, you should be able to open the console of your browser and notice a post-request to In the response to this post, you should be able to get an error message - e.g. like {"status":"denied","message":"Your player is not allowed to play on the domain"}

I hope this helps.


This can be solved now as well.

See solution/comments in this thread Using valid player key throwing SETUP_LICENSE_ERROR when application is hosted