License error: Add bundle identifier to supported domains

It’s a DRM video that is encoded by Pallycon. Facing this issue:

License Error: Please visit the player section of the Bitmovin backend portal to add the bundle identifier of this app as an allowed domain

Hi Aayush,

If web app, on what exact domain are you hosting Bitmovin player? If mobile/roku app, what’s the app bundle identifier or package name? Typically, when not using 3rd party licensing, those will need to be allow-listed on Bitmovin’s license side:

In your case tho, if using Pallycom as 3rd party licensing verification system (as per your screenshot), you’ll need to ensure the right key is sent by the player to the licensing server, and that the licensing server implementation correctly reads and processes that key received from they player in order to approve/reject playback, as shown here: Third Party Licensing

You should also be able to see what HTTP code does the 3rd party licensing endpoint respond with (eg: 2xx, 4xx, 5xx…) and ensure the right action is applied based on that, as highlighted here: Third Party Licensing

Checked the licensing API request and for some reason localhost is being sent as domain in the headers.

domain: 'localhost'

Hi @aayush thanks for your message. I see based on your screenshot that you are testing on emulator.
The emulator will always throw localhost instead of the BundleId, on this case.
Additionally, testing DRM is not possible on emulator, as it does not include support for DRM.
Is there a chance you could test it on a real device and let us know the outcome?