License not work in production mode

Hello Brothers,

I am using bitmovin to play DRM content with playready, widevine and fairplay.
My framework is Vue 3 + Tauri. I build desktop app.
If I run the app at development mode, everything is ok. I see that the origin and referer is http://localhost:80.

But when build app in production mode, I get the error: The license is not valid (SETUP_LICENSE_ERROR)
The domain for production is: tauri.localhost
I already added tauri.localhost to the domain list in the Bitmovin Dashboard but the problem still happen.

The response of api is:

    "status": "denied",
    "message": "License not found"

I hope to receive any advice how to solve this problem. Thank you.

Hi @vanminhquangtri , welcome to Bitmovin community and thanks for your question. From the provided error message, the issue is not related to domain allowlisting but rather seems to be caused due to missing on incorrect License key information in player configuration.

Can you please check the network request going out to and check the payload contains correct Player license as available in your Bitmovin account?

You can find the steps to configure player with license key configuration at Getting Started with the Web SDK

Please let us know if this helps or if there are any followup questions.

Hi Lucky, I input wrong license key. Now it works. Thanks for your help. Bitmovin is perfect.

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