Using DRM token encrypted video is not working in react native Bitmovin

Im working react native BitMovin player integration ’ bitmovin/bitmovin-player-react-native. In that application can able to play normal video and normal drm videos .But can’t able to play DRM token encrypted video .

i tried to given like this :

 licenseRequestHeaders: {
        'Content-type': 'application/octet-stream',
        'preauthorization': drmToken,

but facing error like DRM license request failed.

{“code”: null, “data”: {“code”: 500, “message”: “The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.bitmovin.source.error error 2306.)”, “underlyingError”: {“code”: 2306, “description”: “Error Domain=com.bitmovin.source.error Code=2306 "(null)"”, “domain”: “com.bitmovin.source.error”, “localizedDescription”: “The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.bitmovin.source.error error 2306.)”}}, “message”: “DRM license request failed.”, “name”: “onSourceError”, “timestamp”: 1685958391.864999}

I try to check that error code . can’t able to find 2306 this code . anyone have idea what error is this

Which version of our React Native implementation are you using ? It should be available since v0.2.0.
If it still doesn’t work after upgrading the plugin, please feel free to open a support ticket through the Support section of your Dashboard, share your Source configuration and then, we will take a closer look.
You can also try to investigate it yourself by checking through Charles Proxy whether the headers are passed through as expected.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Hi @ludovic.michaud , i’m using “bitmovin-player-react-native”: “^0.6.0” version only . i have some couple of doubt please clear if i’m wrong

  1. We have a web application . that application we used fairplay . so they generate both bitmovin License, License url and certificate url . it’s working fine in web application

now i try to create iOS application using react native . i used same key what they create for web application .i’m not create any fair play certificate in apple account . i’m using only bitmovin License, License url and certificate url is this correct ?
same License url is working for iOS ?
i saw some example fairplay License end with .cer format but my license url format like this : https://privateurl/fairplay/license . is this correct format ?

The License Acquisition URL, and certificate are usually provided by your DRM provider (eg. Irdeto, BuyDRM, EZDRM etc). If you have a working test web page, it should use those in the DRM configuration.

Please feel free to use the support section of your dashboard to open a ticket and provide your web page, as well as your configuration for the React Native app if needed. We can take a look.

@ludovic.michaud Thanks . we are able to play EZDRM encrypted DRM content in bitmovin RN SDK but having issues when we are trying to play Conax encrypted DRM with fairplay.

Do you have any ref. document for integrating Conax DRM Key with bitmovin player . (I see in one of documents but its no more accessible.

@ludovic.michaud any input. we are still waiting for conax support.