Stream test working only on edge browser

My friend sent me a stream test, it is a kind, that works only in the Edge browser from a windows pc.
The question is how can i achive to use it on a ios/android devices? iOS has a bitmovin app, how can i congifure it to watch that particular stream?

Thanks you all

@giovanx97 The Stream-test page is only for testing purposes. Could you please tell me about your use case?

Yes the main curiosity is why the demo streams works only on edge browser in a pc. What edge provide different from the orhers

@giovanx97 It should work in all browsers. Could you please test using our default streams to rule out any stream-specific issues?

Ok, I figure it out. The stream uses a microsoft specific DRM.
The stream test that you posted work in every pc’s browsers, it doesn’t has drm, but can’t play it in safari from an iPhone for example, why is that?

For Safari/iOS, you have to use HLS streams. Here is the stream-test page with HLS -

You can switch between streams by using the radio checkboxes.

Browser support matrix - Supported Platforms & Devices
Browser DRM support matrix - DRM Support

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