Using BitMovin player for hybrid app

We have a hybrid video player app (which uses webview’s default player). IS it possible to use Bitmovin’s player on webview so that we get better performance than Javascript based web-player ( I mean, we are looking for almost native like performance if not fully native performance)

Hi @canirb , welcome to Bitmovin community and thanks for reaching out with your question. Bitmovin offers multiple video players for different platforms.

  • Web player SDK : This is Javascript/HTML based player and can be used inside Webview on Android/iOS as well. In addition to desktop and mobile browsers, this SDK also supports smart TV platforms(Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS), gaming consoles(PS5, PS4, XBox).

  • Android player SDK : This is native player SDK for Android/AndroidTV/FireTV platforms.

  • iOS player SDK : This is native player SDK for iOS/tvOS platforms.

  • React Native SDK : React native based SDK for Android and iOS platforms.

  • Roku player SDK : For Roku devices.

You can find a comprehensive platform and device support matrix at Supported Platforms & Devices

Coming back to your question, can you please help us understand following points about your current solution and expectations around performance. This will help us recommend the right SDK for your requirements.

  • Performance pain points using the current player solution which you intend to address with new player?
  • Specifications of video content in your sustem.
    • Playback of VOD or Live or both type of content.
    • Content types, DASH/HLS/Progressive?
    • DRM or non-DRM? I believe it is non-DRM content, as DRM content may not work with Webview.
  • Use cases/features that you are looking for which have performance impact?

thanks for your response. we are mainly interested to know if we can use bitmovin’s native (android ) player in a webview based app which we are currently having.

our present implementation uses webview and a js based player(shakar) and we are trying to see if we can delegate only the playback to a native player while having the webview based app.