Not being able to play a Fairplay DRM-protected stream

Testuing the fairplay stream on the bitmovin player using the demo page on the safari browser. But it doesn’t work.

  "hls": "",
  "drm": {
    "fairplay": {
      "LA_URL": "",
      "certificateURL": ""

However, when I tested the same stream on JWPlayer using this page it played without any problem.

What I am missing?


Hi @evren.coskun , thanks for this question. For Fairplay playback addition configuration is required specific to each DRM vendor to format the Fairplay certificate, license request and response to the format used by player and underlying Fairplay framework.

The configuration needed for EZDRM is documented at Bitmovin Docs - Player Tutorials | How to play DRM protected content with EZDRM

I tried the above config in Bitmovin demo page and playback works fine on Safari browser.

Please try it out and let us know if there are further questions.

Hi @evren.coskun , just checking in if the above information helped you successfully play Fairplay content with Bitmovin player. Please let us know your feedback or any further questions.