How to create licenseUrl and certificateUrl

I have been sawing your iOS sample code.
So, I have a some questions.

  1. I can’t understand how to created fairplayStreamUrl, licenseUrl and certificateUrl in drm part of ios sample code.
    Can you explain me? or share me reference document url.

  2. May I undertand fairplayStreamUrl in drm part of ios sample code as basic hls stream url?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

hello @pdhou23
thanks for your question I am happy to help.
The examples you mention are for our Bitmovin Player on iOS?
In the example: BasicDRMPlayback , you can find the Fairplay configuration on this line:bitmovin-player-ios-samples/BasicDRMPlayback/BasicDRMPlayback/ViewController.swift at 8a956e770fef8f2ed5bf47dadb5371321a21082a · bitmovin/bitmovin-player-ios-samples · GitHub

The reference for our SDK can be found here: FairplayConfig Class Reference

As you mention, the fairplayStreamUrl is an HLS manifest url. This manifest is protected with Fairplay by a DRM service, which will provide you with the licenseUrl and certificateUrl , as well as the specific configuration needed for such DRM provider.

Do you use already a DRM provider for your Fairplay Content Protection?
We offer configuration examples for several providers. In the following link you will find some of those examples for EZDRM, Vualto and DRMToday: AppleFairplayDRMConfig | Bitmovin Player API 7.8.21

If you let us know the provider you use, we should be able to find a specific solution for your configuration, and help you getting your stream to play.

I hope this information is useful and look forward to hear more details on your current DRM use case.



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