IOS Chrome Casting problem with licenseUrl

Hello everyone,

I have version Bitmovin on IOS 3.58.0.

Video X, is playing well on the phone and the licenseUrl is empty but when casting to Chromecast and licenseUrl is empty I have a problem with the video is not smooth and the Video and audio are out of sync.

I check the sample code I saw
let licenseUrl = URL(string: “”)

So, It is necessary to licenseUrl like the above sample? or licenseUrl can not be empty?

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Hi @hengsopharuth94,

The licenseUrl is only needed if your stream is DRM protected. From your description it sounds like it is not.

Could you share the stream you are referring to so we can test it?

Otherwise, would it be possible for you to share the characteristics of the Stream and your Chromecast receiver?

Hello @davidsteinacher,
if the stream is not DRM-protected, So I have to use the licenseUrl like the sample code

let licenseUrl = URL(string: “”)

Or licenseUrl can be empty?

Characteristics video played not smoothly, some reload 2 or 3 times, Audio is not synced.

No, you don’t need to set the licenseUrl for this case. It can be empty.

The best would be if you could share the stream here or through our support in the Bitmovin Dashboard at Bitmovin Dashboard and create a new support case so we can have a closer look at it.