How can I play a HLS manifest with both Widevine & Fairplay on Bitmovin Web Chrome

Tested Fairplay DRM in Safari; It was played normally. But Widevine DRM HLS in Chrome browser did not play with 1211 error code.

How can I play a HLS manifest with BOTH FairPlay and Widevine on Chrome?

  1. For NON-Safari devices you’ll need to add the following below config to omit the Fairplay keys.
  2. This is NOT required for Safari.
var config = {
"network": {

      "preprocessHttpResponse": function (type, response) {
         // If it is Safari Browser then Do nothing
          if (typeof window.safari !== 'undefined'){
            return Promise.resolve(response);

         // If NOT Safari
          if(type === "manifest/hls/variant") {
              var regex = /.*KEYFORMAT=""\n/
              response.body = response.body.replace(regex, '')
          return Promise.resolve(response);

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