Response code 429: Rate Limit

I am facing “A general error occured: Response code: 429”, try to play the demo video of the ReactNative integation guide. I am not sending tons of requests - why do I hit the rate limit?

As well, you state here, that

Every response from the API will carry information about the applicable rate-limit for the given request as specified in the Rate Limit Draft RFC.

But not a single response carries any `x-ratelimit’ info…
What to do now? Also, the error does not go away, also if I wait for 10 minutes before trying again.
Just trying to spike Bitmovin player for our customers app, as we hoped Bitmovin could be a better alternative to the player we currently use. Not trying at all to overload your api.

I am simply using another video now for testing, still, shouldn’t the response header include the x-ratelimit?

Our sample stream has a “fair usage” policy, which means that after a certain amount of usages from the same device, the CDN will decline requests. For heavier testing, we recommend that you use other open source streams available online or your own.

Let us know in case you have any questions

Hi @ender
Maybe I can shed some light on the missing Rate Limit Headers. The Documentation you mentioned only applies to requests done against the Bitmovin API ( where you’ll see the x-ratelimit info on every response you get.

But video content is served by our CDNs which might not return the rate limit headers.
Can you post the video you were trying to load?

Hope this helps!

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