What causes Bitmovin Player's error code 1400 (network error) and how do i solve it?

What does the error code 1400 network error mean and how do i solve it.

I had a user have this error keep happening - my server was good on my side - not over stressed or anything. And he was connected over chrome on windows on a wifi-connected pc.

Hi Andrei.

We have documentation on each error code which explains what causes them along with possible solutions. Please see if our page about error code 1400 (network) helps you:

OK. We are currently not using a CDN - so what happens in this case? the player doesn’t know to search for another route, or smth?

Hi Andrei.

Not using a CDN can be a problem:

Though your origin server is not overloaded, there are many other scenarios where it could be temporarily unreachable for a specific user.

CDNs solve those problems by distributing your content on internal, private fiber networks to servers in multiple locations at the “edges” of their network. Each viewer then receives a copy of your video stream from the edge server closest to them, delivering the quickest playback and best quality of experience. - Bitmovin's CDN Streaming storage for VOD Encoding (beta) | Bitmovin

This protects the origin plus allows for a far improved user experience.

You may want to consider testing Bitmovin’s new CDN solution while it’s free:

There’s no additional setup required and it’s likely to reduce your networking errors.

About alternate routes:

If you’re using DASH or HLS and your manifest provides one or more base URLs, the player knows to try all before showing the error.

Here’s a guide on how HLS and DASH manifests are configured with multiple URLs:

Can you check whether you’re providing alternate URLs in case one is unreachable?

Additionaly, by default, the player will retry twice before throwing the error. Here’s the documentation for this feature and how it can be configured: