Cronet with Bitmovin

I want to configure bitmovin to use cronet network stack for request.
At present, I don’t see any way to do that unlike in Exoplayer, refer link below.

Let me know if it is feasible or Bitmovin is planning to add this support in the near future?

Hi @priteshtwr!

Firstly, welcome to the Bitmovin Community!

Thanks for your post, unfortunately there isn’t anyway to change the network layer from the Bitmovin Player due to how some of our APIs rely on the network stack (like our NetworkAPI)

Could I ask what your desired usecase is and what you’re looking to achieve with cronet you can’t with the existing network stack?


Hi @jacob.arends Thanks for the reply, so the main idea is to reduce the vst time for our client.

We are trying out various options one of the ideas was to try out different network stacks and see which one gives better performance.

Also, can you confirm if we want to start with the lowest frame possible this is the correct way to do it:- AdaptationConfig(
maxSelectableVideoBitrate = Int.MAX_VALUE,
initialBandwidthEstimateOverride = 0,