How do I find out the reason a user's player is stuck loading (80%)?

I have a viewer in Pakistan who is complaining that none of my movies is loading for him: they all get stuck in loading mode.
When I look at the errors, I have only a few options to choose from:

  • 1301 - video decoding error
  • 2006 - drm_no_key_system
  • 10002 - analytics_videostart_timeout_reached

What do i tell him? I cannot pinpoint exactly what is his problem and it is obviously from his side - since it works well for everyone else. how does he solve either of these problems?

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Hi @andrei.muntean ,
have you looked at the individual sessions from this user in analytics?
If this is happening on the Web or on Android then you should be able to see a Network Diagram in the Session Detail View next to the error - maybe that can give you a clue about what might be causing the super slow startup that led to the 10002 - analytics_videostart_timeout_reached error that’s being reported.
You should be able to see information like this:

As for the other two errors, those can also be investigated similarly if you look at the detailed session and maybe check what device is being used and try to replicate it.

Off the top of my head I’d think that the video decoding error might either be a bad match between the user’s device and your encoder settings (so the device can’t decode the video because of maybe some limitation on the client). Similarly with the drm key system error that also points towards a problem with the client’s browser.

So I’d suggest you check the detailed sessions and see if anything sticks out and if you can replicate.

Hope this helps,
greetings Daniel

OK. I finally went through it in detail with the customer: he’s not getting any error, he’s only buffering continuously. His rebuffering percentage gets to 80%. And he doesn’t get out of the buffering…

I don’t know how to help him.

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Hi Andrei,
I am not sure we have enough detail here to help.
Were you able to reproduce it with your own device?
Is there anything standing out from the analytics information or some details from the customer you can maybe share via a PN so we can look into this some more?
Session IDs or more details about the customer would be helpful.

greetings Daniel

Dear Daniel,
As you can see from my questions, I am not the one doing the development. I am just trying to help my customer.
I have NO idea how to help him and I need someone’s help here to find out how to help him.

NO - i haven’t been able to reproduce the issue on my devices - everything works fine for me.
I have no more details because nobody (here) told me what details you would need.

I don’t know how I would identify him/her to get a session ID, if there is no error… tell me how. what steps do I need to take?

Hi Andrei,
So if I understand you correctly you have a customer that has reached out to you and that complains about buffering, but you can’t help them?

The problem here is that there are a lot of things that can be the reason for this. Some might be related to the implementation of your system (so you’d need developers looking into it), some might be related to your infrastructure while others could also simply be related to your users device/setup that you have no control over.

Usually a good way to start would be to look at the analytics data and the specific sessions of that user.
I am unfortunately not familiar with your service, but do your users have to log into the system before they can watch videos?
If that’s the case it’s a very good idea to set the customUserId (described here) so then you could actually track down the specific sessions from this user and see if something stands out (by inputting their user-id into the Session Tracking search in the analytics dashboard).
This might lead you down a path to be able to diagnose the issue - it’s also not a 100% guarantee to show the problem (but it gives a lot of hints where to look). Knowing what the user did and what devices were used etc might be something your dev team could use to investigate and try to reproduce.

I did sign up for an account with your service (cool site btw!) and unfortunately the customUserId is not set :confused: . I would highly recommend you ask your dev Team to add this to be able to track down future issues.

If you haven’t done that then it’s very hard figuring out which specific sessions belong to a specific user (we simply don’t have that information).

Aside from that it would be very helpful if you could give some more insights into what type of environment you have (what are you using, where do you host the videos etc).

I looked a bit into your account and the analytics data and it looks like you have quite a very high error percentage in general which is quite alarming.
I did some digging around and couldn’t really pinpoint any specific problem that would point to an issue with certain browsers and/or devices. A lot of the errors seem to stem from the network and the DRM system.

I would highly recommend you talking to your Dev team and have them investigate these issues as they seem to be widespread and not just localised to one user.

Hope this helps,

Dear Daniel,
Thank you for the cool site remark - tell your friends. :wink:

Thank you: I asked my developers to implement the custom ID.

As for the errors - indeed you are right - we have a high percentage. I wasn’t even aware of that. But unfortunately, as I see a lot of them are network errors or drm failing to load or things like that. I don’t know what to do with that information or how to solve it on my end - if the network error comes from users connections - more than 50% are accessing our platform via mobile.
On our side - it’s very hard to get someone from your team to take their time for a call to help us identify or solve things we might have implemented wrong - they send us here, where by the time we get a feedback, we are already handling a new crisis. :slight_smile:
How can I solve this error thing? the error percentage is unacceptable.

Hi Andrei,

I’d like to suggest you open a Support ticket with us to assist you further.
You can do this via your Bitmovin Dashboard. Head to the ‘Get in Touch’ section then ‘Contact Us’.

Please fill out a Player ticket with as much information as possible and we’ll gladly look into it.