What is the best way to recover from PLAYBACK_VIDEO_DECODING_ERROR (1301)?

Usually these errors happen because the Decoder fails to handle the stream properly.
What would be a good way to have the web player recover automatically from those ?

  • Reload the stream and start playback at eg. previous time + 1s upon detection of the error code ?
  • Any better idea ?

Is there a way to make the player more resilient to these kinds of errors ?

Our web player doesn’t have such automatic recovery logic from a decoding error. We treat it as a device’s native decoder error or a browser’s MSE error, and leave the error handling decision to the application side.

On application side, reloading the same stream starting from the previous failed position (or +1s) can be one good option. If the errored rendition/bitrate information is clear, we can try to retry while excluding the failed rendition by having a custom adaptation logic using onVideoAdaptation or onAudioAdaptation.

Other useful debug options are also written in our error code documentation page so hope it helps. PLAYBACK_VIDEO_DECODING_ERROR: 1301

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