Setting a max bitrate on bitmovin react native

How can we set a max bitrate on bitmovin react native ? We would like to control the maximum bitrate for certain users.

Hi Youcef,

I think this isn’t supported today via our React Native wrapper. If you have the resources to add this to the open source react native wrapper library, we’d be happy to receive contributions.
An alternative solution could be to serve different manifests to the different users, if you want to cap the bitrate for certain users (e.g. based on their subscription or so, I would assume?).

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for replying. You are right yes we would like to cap the bitrate for unsubscribed users. We are using a function to auto select 540p quality however this did not change the bandwith consumption. Can you elaborate on what you meant by serving different manifests ?

Hi Youcef,

The idea of using different manifests is that you would have for example one manifest containing all renditions (e.g. up to 1080p or 4K or so) as you have today. In addition, you create another manifest, pointing to the same content, but doesn’t contain the higher renditions at all.

The application could then serve the manifest with fewer renditions to unsubscribed users and the full manifest to other users.