Ad Average Bitrate is not being passed from Manifest to Conviva

We are currently failing our Conviva integration and therfore unable to get valid QoE/QoS data due to the fact the Bitmovin player isn’t passing the avg bitrate to conviva. has anyone been able to solve this issue?

Hi @digitaltech,

To be clear, are you talking about bitrate of client-side ads (as the title suggests), or of the main content? Also, which platform are you looking at specifically?

I don’t think either case was fully implemented, but at least for the main content it is “prepared” e.g. on Web, see for example bitmovin/bitmovin-player-web-analytics-conviva@src/ts/ContentMetadataBuilder.ts#L142-L144 and bitmovin/bitmovin-player-web-analytics-conviva@src/ts/ContentMetadataBuilder.ts#L82

I don’t think this was a requirement from Conviva in the past to have. Usually you can discuss with Conviva and mark the missing avg bitrate as known issue / limitation.

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