Questions regarding licensing with the React Native player


I have a few questions regarding bitmovin-player-react-native. It is MIT-licensed, but still requires a Bitmovin license key to be used. I see that impressions made during my testing/development are counted in my dashboard and I assume I’m subject to the rates from the pricing page when using the package.

Why is it the case? I had been assuming we wouldn’t be subject to pricing since the player is MIT-licensed. If I’m misunderstanding, explanations and references would be greatly appreciated.

I am also a bit confused on how this package works regarding analytics and encoding. Are we subject to these rates as well, regardless of whether we use them or not?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @luckner,

The MIT license applies to the React Native wrapper open-source project (which uses the native, non-MIT-licensed Android and iOS player SDKs for playback under the hood). This is the same for most public Github repositories Bitmovin provides, like the Player UI, player sample repositories for Android, iOS, Web and Roku, or 3rd party integrations like Conviva or Yospace.
All these projects are MIT-licensed and can be used and changed as needed free of charge, but all of them require active player licenses to use the Bitmovin Player.

If you just use Playback, you don’t have to use or pay for Encoding, and vice versa.

Hi @daniel ,

Thank you very much for the explanation! I’ll communicate it to my team, and if no follow-up question arise I’ll mark it as solution.

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