Is it possible to embed the Bitmovin Android SDK with React Native?

I am trying to follow the getting started guide to setup Bitmovin Android SDK with in my android project where is built on React Native but I am find myself a bit lost on how to manage that, any followups ? Thanks in advance


Hi @carrerafandres2496, thanks for posting! Check out this GitHub repository from take0ffmedia for help and let me know if that meets your needs.

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Welcome to the community, @carrerafandres2496 ! :tada:

I’ve marked @Igor 's answer as the solution to your question.

If you still need help using the Player SDK with React Native, let us know.

Thanks @anon5107217 for the welcoming, Well I have followed your suggestion and I have embedded react-native-bitmovin-player on my project and after some workarounds making the proper setup over the RN project it finally worked, however I am realising there some pending features that needs to be added to the repo, such as DRM protected content, fullscreen, downloads, etc. I will try to do some implementation on that repo on top of bitmovin-player-examples-android

@carrerafandres2496 The official Bitmovin Player SDK for React Native has now been released as well:

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