Player could not load asset in vercel deployment

I`m trying to integrate bitmovin-player into my app and it worked fine on localhost. But when it came to Vercel deployment it appeared to be not able to load asset. player.load() always resolved in catch() callback but unfortunately error instance is undefined, so no details are revealed to me from player.

My license key is configured, and asset source is CDN77. Also, old plyer is able to load video from the same cdn77 url in the same vercel deployment (i’m using both of them simultaneously). Forgot to mention that app is running using nextjs written on TS (if that matters)

Any advice where to dig ?

Hi @niakros

This error could potentially be due to not using the correct license key for player or not having the correct domain name added to the list of allowed domain names for the player license.

Would it be possible for you to check this?

Best regards,

Thank a lot, that helped!
I took a key from License page under the Player section instead of API key and it worked.

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