NEW! - Bitmovin Stream Lab introduces On-Demand Testing

Stream Lab users can now manually trigger the test suite when they submit their stream!

Customers and Trial users have been using Stream Lab’s fortnightly test runs to get personalised test reports for streams they have submitted, and now they can get their results even faster!

Manually trigger your stream tests 🤩

Stream Lab will run some initial validation checks on your stream before it’s fully submitted to the fortnightly testing cycle to alert customers as soon as possible of any problems with the stream itself. Now, by leaving the ‘Run tests after successful validation’ option enabled when filling out your stream details, Stream Lab will start testing your stream on physical devices straight after your stream is validated and submitted!

Stream submission form

Similarly, streams that have already been submitted can be manually triggered via the ‘Test Now’ option from the settings menu of the relevant stream in the Stream Lab homepage.

Trigger test from list of streams

Example test report generated by Bitmovin Stream Lab

What is Stream Lab? 🤔

Stream Lab is an automated testing service provided as part of Playback and works directly with Bitmovin Player.

Stream Lab gives you the ability to test your real streams across physical devices (often hard to acquire) and helps you guarantee quality of experience for your audience. With pre-populated testing scenarios generated by our video experts, development teams can see test reports and feel confident in rolling out across new devices, knowing that Stream Lab has tested video playback.

Stream Lab is available to all Player customers and Trial users.
Submit your stream for testing now! 🚀