New VOD Encoding wizard for Streams and Trial customers - Now with automatic Per-Title Encoding!

Hey Everyone! If you’re a current Streams customer, you might have noticed a new update we rolled out this week, our new VOD Encoding UI with built-in Per-Title analysis and encoding. It’s also available to new Trial users, so if you’re not using Streams yet, it’s definitely worth finding a new email address to start a fresh trial :wink:.

You can drag-and-drop local files, add the url for a remote source or use one of our pre-loaded samples as your input.

When you click the ‘Create Encoding Job’ button, behind the scenes you’re actually posting your source file to our Simple Encoding API which automatically analyzes the file for complexity and runs our Per-Title Encoding algorithm to create the ideal ABR ladder for each video. After that, it sends the output to Bitmovin’s pre-configured storage and CDN.

At the top of the next screen, you’ll see the input file stats followed by the Manifests section where you can click to preview the video as soon as it’s ready.

If you keep scrolling down you’ll come to a really cool new section where you can see the actual JSON Payload that was sent to the Simple Encoding API.

You can copy that payload or equivalent cURL command which makes it easy to edit and adapt if you are ready to start doing your own scripting or you use an API platform like Postman.

This is just one of many improvements planned to this interface in the coming weeks, but we really value your feedback, so please give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments!