Stream Lab out of beta with increased test slots, 2022 TVs, Xbox, and more

After a successful beta phase, we have officially declared Stream Lab stable and soft-launched new features over the last few weeks:

Increased test slots

The test slots of all regular accounts have been increased from two to 10, now allowing you to regularly test five times as many streams. The monthly manual test slots have also been more than tripled to 20. The number of remaining slots is now displayed directly in the dashboard.

New test devices

In our ongoing effort to broaden the range of available test devices we have added a range of new ones:

  • LG WebOS 2021 smart TV
  • LG WebOS 2022 smart TV
  • Samsung Tizen 2022 smart TV
  • Microsoft Xbox Series video game console

Improved stream validation

When submitting a stream, Stream Lab first executes validation tests to make sure the stream is in a supported and valid format and accessible from our device fleet. For the case we detect issues, we improved the error messages to better help you resubmit a valid stream.

Store all your streams and manage which to test

We are now allowing all users to submit streams beyond the number of test slots and easily manage which streams to actively test, using a combination of manual and regular test slots.

What is Stream Lab? 🤔

Stream Lab is an automated testing service provided as part of Playback and works directly with Bitmovin Player.

Stream Lab gives you the ability to test your real streams across physical devices (often hard to acquire) and helps you guarantee quality of experience for your audience. With pre-populated testing scenarios generated by our video experts, development teams can see test reports and feel confident in rolling out across new devices, knowing that Stream Lab has tested video playback.

Stream Lab is available to all Player customers and Trial users. Submit your stream for testing now! :rocket:

Good to hear you are actively improving and expanding Stream Lab! Do you perhaps have any news on adding mobile/tablet devices for Android and iOS?

Hi Mart, thank you for your continued interest. Can’t give you specifics yet, but we are planning to roll out native support this year, starting with web-based tests on mobile/tablet for Android and iOS.