Bitmovin's Launches Stream Lab (Beta), the first automated testing solution that ensures quality playback

Bitmovin is continuing to innovate with the launch of the beta version of our latest addition designed to ensure playback quality across all devices: Stream Lab, the first automated testing solution built for video streaming.

With Stream Lab you can:

  • Easily submit your streams for testing
  • Test on 20+ physical devices, including older and newer models from Samsung & LG Smart TVs, and major web browsers on PC, Mac & Linux.
  • See test reports with clear performance feedback.
  • Test with the latest version of Bitmovin’s Player for Web SD

Where to access Stream Lab in the Dashboard:

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 7.31.11 PM

Set up a test: (4)

View Test Results: (5)

Everyone can submit up to 2 streams to any of the devices in our lab. :banana_dance:
Initially, tests will be run every 2 weeks and we are looking at ways to shorten that cycle as part of our roadmap, as well as add more devices and additional test cases. functionality.

Along with our storage and CDN, Stream Lab is available now in your account if you have an active trial or Player subscription!:partying_face:


Streamlab is very intriguing! I saw a quick demo at NAB, and am taking a look at it. Is there a full list of devices supported? Your blog mentioned 20+ physical devices, but in my account I only see ~12 Samsung and LG TVs. Are there plans to add mobile and large screen devices (iPhone, Android, Apple TV, Roku, etc)?

Hey @luke.howell1 great to hear you caught our Stream Lab demo at NAB. The devices currently available in Stream Lab include Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge browsers across PC, Mac & Linux. Also, Samsung Tizen (2016-2021) & LG WebOS (2016-2020) SmartTVs. Our total device count includes both the browsers and TV devices, with 22 total available as test targets (shown in the Add Stream form).

We are certainly looking to add support for more devices over time, as part of our roadmap, to cover the full range of devices supported by our Player SDKs.

Please let me know if the above helps and if you cannot see all of the devices above, we can take a closer look at your account.

After reading the post, I am currently working on “Evaluation of Quality of Experience of ABR Schemes in Gaming Stream” for my master’s thesis program. I am definitely going to use this stream lab for testing the videos. Thank you