New Quality of Experience Analytics integrated with Stream Lab

Bitmovin’s Stream Lab now has integrated quality of experience (QoE) analytics. This new feature adds more insight for streaming platforms and their development teams, allowing them to get more value from testing their streams across real physical devices while understanding how their audiences experience them.

Users can now access more information regarding their streaming service’s performance, focusing on key metrics that directly impact viewer satisfaction:

  • Startup Time: The delay between a play request and the video starts.
  • Bitrate: Reflects the video quality, affecting the viewer’s visual experience.
  • Buffering: Instances where the video pauses during playback are crucial for uninterrupted viewing.
  • Error Incidents: Tracks interruptions that affect the stream’s continuity and quality.

This integration allows for a holistic approach to stream analysis and clarity between technical performance and user experience.

How this benefits streaming platforms and partners:

  • Targeted Improvements: By understanding the specifics of viewer experience, providers can focus on mitigating issues like buffering or long startup times before they support devices or make streams available to users.
  • Quality optimization: Insights into bitrate and errors enable adjustments that can fine-tune the balance between stream quality and resource efficiency, improving the experience on a specific device.
  • Enhanced viewer satisfaction: A direct line to what viewers experience without actually streaming it to audiences allows for tweaks that can significantly boost engagement and loyalty.

Try Stream Lab today:

See how your content performs in real-world scenarios with an industry-leading player on actual devices without negatively impacting your viewers. Log in or sign up on the Bitmovin Dashboard and test your streams on a wide range of devices now!

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