Product Roadmap: Releases & Updates Q2'24

A quick look at what’s now available βœ… and what’s coming soon πŸ‘€:


βœ… Dolby: Dolby E to Dolby Digital(+) support

βœ… Oracle: Oracle storage + processing support in BETA

πŸ‘€ Audio: Passthrough is coming soon for AAC and PCM audio to retain the source file quality and save on processing costs.

πŸ‘€ UX: A dashboard wizard for Cloud Connect to take care of the initial setup steps to run encodings in your own cloud environment via an UI or automated Terraform setup scripts.

πŸ‘€ GCP: Additional region support for Dammam


βœ… UX: Encoding name is now included in triggered event messages, making it easier to correlate events when running multiple concurrent live encodings.

βœ… Azure: We added metadata to prevent live manifests from being cached and set the correct mime type for live manifests when uploading them to Azure Outputs.

βœ… API: We now offer a reset time shift option, this can be used to support a β€œPreview” mode before going Live.

πŸ‘€ UX: We are soon developing a β€œLive Heartbeat” feature that will enable the live encoders to directly issue periodical web hook notifications, including data such as input bitrates, codecs and health.

πŸ‘€ Azure: Automatic Closed Caption generation with Azure Cognitive Services

πŸ‘€ GCP: Additional region support for Dammam


βœ… AI Session Interpreter (NAB Best of Show Award Winner!)

βœ… Bitmovin Advertising Module available on Mobile

βœ… Analytics and Custom DRM headers in Stream Lab

πŸ‘€ LL-HLS support on WebSDK

πŸ‘€ SSAI debugging in Analytics

πŸ‘€ > Scalable Alerting in Analytics

For more information on any of the above items, please get in touch!