Product Roadmap: Releases & Updates Q1'24

A quick look at what’s now available βœ… and what’s coming soon πŸ‘€:


βœ… Accelerated mode (<5sec queueing for <5min assets in all AWS regions when using Encoder version `STABLE`)

βœ… Framerate Change w/ Fixed # Frames Per Segment for better downstream compatibility (technical info)

βœ… AV1 with HLS & Fairplay

πŸ‘€ Cloud Connect setup simplifications (e.g. updated guide + Terraform script)

πŸ‘€ Dolby E to Dolby Digital(+) support

πŸ‘€ Official Oracle storage + processing support


βœ… SCTE-35 passthrough to HLS

βœ… Static RTMPS Ingest Point

βœ… Generated or Reserved Streamkeys for RTMPS

πŸ‘€ Live Encoding Pools - low to no start up times

πŸ‘€ Enhancements to Monitoring & Notifications

πŸ‘€ Automatic Closed Captions


βœ… Player Web X release

βœ… Apple Vision Pro support

βœ… Live Analytics Monitoring UI

βœ… 1-Click enable Analytics in Bitmovin Player from Dashboard

πŸ‘€ AI insights for error summary and solutions

πŸ‘€ Bitmovin Advertising Module on Mobile

πŸ‘€ LL-HLS support on WebSDK

πŸ‘€ Analytics and Custom DRM headers in Stream Lab

For more information on any of the above items, please get in touch!

we’ve had some questions come in on Player Web X, for example,

  • will PlayerWebX support all the same features as version8?
  • will this affect our support of version8?
  • when can I find more documentation on playerWebX

Where should people look @jacob.arends ?

Thanks @Adrian

  • will PlayerWebX support all the same features as version8?
  • Player Web X is still in early stages so won't match v8 on features in the near future. At this point, Player Web X has a few plugins already available, namely for HLS support, early DASH support, mutlisource playlist and a compatibility layer with our V8 API, meaning the Bitmovin Player UI framework can work with Player Web X. All available plugins can be found in the NPM repository.

  • will this affect our support of version8?
  • No, our V8 Player will remain crucial to Bitmovin and our customers going forward; with it's rich feature set and years of experience-driven development in handling standard and edgecase workflows, the V8 Player Web SDK will continue to be an industry-leading Player solution for Web platforms.
    Player Web X is a separate, new player that currently focuses on specific usecases, such as short form user experiences, where performance and customisation are key.

  • when can I find more documentation on playerWebX?
  • Current documentation can be found on the NPM repository, the open-source plugin template repository, and our website. However, for any more information at this stage please get in touch where we can arrange a engineering walkthrough.
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