Product Roadmap: Releases & Updates Q4'23

A quick look at what’s now available βœ… and what’s coming in Q4 πŸ‘€:


βœ… Improved Comcast STB Performance

βœ… Flutter SDK

βœ… Eco-Mode & WISH ABR

πŸ‘€ VisionOS Support

πŸ‘€ JetPack Media3 Migration

πŸ‘€ Player Web X for faster startup and switching times

πŸ‘€ Analytics and Custom DRM headers in Stream Lab


βœ… Live Monitoring UI

βœ… Default Integration into Bitmovin Player

βœ… Android Media 3 collector

πŸ‘€ GCP Marketplace Listing

πŸ‘€ Support for MFA

πŸ‘€ Tracking SSAI events for debugging

πŸ‘€ Playback Score composite metric


βœ… Per-Title, AV1, regions and many many additions to the Wizard

βœ… 13 new Azure regions around the globe - usable in the API and UI

βœ… GPUs for <15s turnaround of 30s assets (Alpha program available)

πŸ‘€ Further reduction of queueing times from 1min to <5s for all Managed Cloud customers (some workflow restrictions apply)

πŸ‘€ AV1 with HLS and Fairplay

πŸ‘€ Cloud Connect setup wizard + transparent infrastructure cost in dashboard

For more information on any of the above items, please get in touch!