Loading the player before a live stream is ready (master manifest not valid)

I have a use-case where a player may be loaded on a page before the master manifest is ready, I want the player to refrain from throwing the SOURCE_COULD_NOT_LOAD_MANIFEST error.

I’ve tried with autoplay off and preload disabled but the player throws the above error if the master manifest is not throwing a 200 response. Is it possible to stop the player from throwing this error until a user hits play?

Then if a user hits play, is it possible to indefinitely retry the master manifest until it is valid?

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Hi, Callum. Thank you for reaching out to the Bitmovin Community.

I have a suggestion to handle this kind of workflow; my advice is to think about the User experience first. In this case, I would:

  1. interject the player error,
  2. cast it to check that it is a SOURCE_COULD_NOT_LOAD_MANIFEST
  3. add an overlay image on the top of the player telling the user to come back later when the stream is ready - or - add a loop video with a timecode stating that the live stream is not prepared and inviting the user to come back later.

Here’s an example that shows the above workflow: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

Please let me know if you have any feedback/follow-up questions.